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    Services made to deliver measurable results

    So you’ve created your new website or product but are struggling to get the attention it deserves? It sounds like you need an action plan. With our digital marketing and SEO services, it’s designed to do just that… whether you are a new or established business, advertising cycles can change throughout the year some dependant on seasons, market fluctuations, budgeting, new products or services, or even territories.

    We have kept this in mind whilst creating a service to give you a perspective on what’s available, and the best steps to achieve your goals.

    After working with many businesses in the past, we understand that you are all different and unique in your own way and wish to promote the best of you to your potential clients or customers, in order to get the best possible rate of return for your efforts.

    Introduction to SEO

    New websites are regularly not set up to succeed in the search engines, On-Page Optimisation can give you an edge over your competitors due to the amount of information you are providing about you & the business.

    With a forever updating search algorithm, it’s an important factor to a websites success and should not be overlooked. This covers everything from your website loading speed, site structure and internal linking, meta tags, duplicate content, lack of content and many more factors.

    Rather than changing your site, this is everything external of your website. This includes a variety of factors to take into consideration including Brand Profiling, Link Building, Social Media, Pay Per Click and more.

    There are many viewpoints with regards to White Hat vs Black Hat SEO which we have covered throughout our years of experience, however, our understanding is that we help build things that last. So White Hat SEO is often favoured to allow us to deliver reputable results to our clients.

    Writing content is great, but are you delivering the right message to your audience and is it captivating enough to get them to view more pages on your website, or convert into a potential lead or sale. With the right research, our team can deliver well-written articles about topics around your business to help grow your audience through content marketing.

    Whether it’s a press release, blog post or product description then copying & pasting last years release doesn’t work anymore so let’s plan some good content together.

    Pay Per Click advertising is one of the fastest growing industries online, and it’s for a good reason – that it works! Compared to SEO, you get the results and enjoy the fruition of organic search engine positioning – with PPC you are paying for every click you receive which varies upon what industry or location you are in.

    If you’re a new or established business, Pay Per Click can be used to supplement your traffic with a new flow of targetted visitors to your website.

    We can set up accounts and provide ongoing maintenance of your account with the end goal of reducing the cost whilst generating more traffic or leads for your business.

    7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs an SEO Service;

    1. Increase the number of leads through your website or phone by using your website highlighting the best of what you do.
    2. Increase sales to your e-commerce store through understanding your customers through data, and what they are looking for, and when.
    3. Getting listed in popular digital magazines, or finding new avenues of communication with new or existing networks such as forums, digital marketplaces, online social networking and many more.
    4. Reducing your cost per lead so you can spend more, to gain more.
    5. Launching your product or service in a new territory opens new doors and new faces.
    6. Optimising your current set up to improve your current status, and develop on what you have worked so hard to build.
    7. Reputation management to ensure your customers are getting the right message when searching for your brand.

    They are just some of many ways which we work, all of which are in our SEO services packages in which you can use standalone services or a combination to ensure the effectiveness of the campaign is best.

    All business are different and unique in their own special ways, that’s why we offer a free initial consultation to help you understand our services and give you an insight to what we see.

    As technology grows with its usage, we are becoming smarter and more aware of our surroundings in the digital arena. It’s one of many reasons the technology behind search engines are constantly changing and adapting to ensure the content and websites promoted are delivering content, products, and services which are vetted by its own customers, along with many other factors which are taken into consideration when positioning a website.

    We’ll leave you with some interesting facts for you to consider;

    1. Internet vs TV usage globally is almost equal, with growing demand for online streaming services, information and just about anything else you can think of. With this comes a growing demand for advertising space which Internet companies are using to harness the power to increase brand loyalty, drive sales and generate communities. (Link)
    2. There are over 100 million domain names registered Worldwide, with almost 10 million from the UK. With this, becomes a competitive industry who are aiming for the same goals and aspirations, so it’s important to have a clear overview of your market to understand it and optimise in the best conditions.
    3. 85% of online searches are made via Google, making it the largest search engine in the World. Serving approximately 10 billion searches every month. So do you know how many people you can reach with your business? With 75% of searchers not scrolling past the first page, with 75% using the top five results. How much is that costing your business?

    Speak to us today for a free consultation on how we can help your business, our team will be better assist you with the right information. So please call us on 0800 069 9855 or request a quote by completing the free consultation form.