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    Improve your Search Engine Positioning with our tailored link building services

    Link building is a popular service we recommend for our SEO clients, helping promote or obtain links from other websites to yours. The phrase link building is derived from the idea that every web page on the Internet has a collection of links, whether they are are internal links (linking to inside your site) or external links (linking to another external website) which can be used to help your website viewers identify the pages which they are visiting, or help guide them through to specific parts of your website such as from your category page to your product page.

    Why is link building such an important factor to Search Engine Optimisation?

    Search engines were first introduced to the market as web crawlers also known as spiders which can load your website and find links to other pages or websites thus creating a web of links to relevant to your content or website. When looking at how search engines crawl your website, there are some notable identifiers to help suggest what links we deem important and where to use them.

    Building a link to your website is quite simple, and with today’s technology you will probably do it without knowing most commonly using the;

    <a href="">Here's my Link</a>

    As search engine technology grows, so does our understanding of a link. Creating more opportunities for helping businesses define what purpose the link serves, to what we believe the link is, and how this link is viewed upon.

    How can I increase my search engine positioning with link building?

    The search engines main job is to deliver relevant information to its users, and the same for websites. Relevance is a topic within itself, which we will outline in another article but the key ideas being that link building helps;

    • Identify your market relevance – If you are receiving links from relevant websites or pages then it will help because these links are on-topic.
    • Develop your brand identity – Being featured on popular news networks, blogs, forums and other sources can help establish yourself a brand identity. Whether you are featured in a press release, sponsored advertising or other means. It’s just saying, Yes we’re here, and we think that’s good.
    • With correlation to your overall SEO efforts including on-page optimization, social media, and keyword discovery you can start to reap the fuller effects of your organic link building campaigns.
    • Understanding your marketplace, preferred target markets and conditions are an important factor in any link building campaign which can be variable to the competitiveness of the market, either reducing or increasing the demand for links.
    • Developing yourself as the ‘Go To Company’ in your niche, software solutions and outreach to other people in your industry is a common theme with link building, helping you establish a network of links within your target audience demographics.

    In all, we always aim to develop a core understanding of your business and the products you feature in order to establish the best route to action in managing a link building campaign.

    With different markets, come different territories which we aim to research and establish viable routes to communicate with like-minded individuals and networks within your market.

    Speak to us today for a free consultation on how we can help your campaign, our team will be better assist you with the right information. So please call us on 0800 069 9855 or request a quote by completing the free consultation form.